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Mumbai, Vadodara
Posted 9 months ago

Roles and responsibilities:

We are adept at assisting all blockchain efforts, including ICO, STO, NFT, DeFi and  IEO and FinTech, flourish in an intensely competitive and extremely volatile market  with our knowledge of and expertise in all industry fundamentals. Deploy successful  marketing campaigns and own their implementation from ideation to execution. 

SEO managers are in charge of supervising the efforts of their team and making sure  they’re accomplishing all of their objectives. They frequently do this by giving their  employees direction, instruction, and feedback. 

SEO managers may also be tasked with developing new strategies or initiatives for  their organization. This might entail coming up with a strategy for how to enhance  organic search results, figuring out how to boost traffic from search engines, etc. 

  • Drive high-volume organic search growth. 
  • Grow Site architecture, navigation, and other aspects are squared to promote  organic development and maintain satisfying user experiences. 
  • Organize and direct all technical SEO projects, and own related technical  requirements for marketing initiatives. 
  • Create expansive initiatives to expand our SEO expertise and and drive core  business metrics.
  • Determine and put into action strategies that will increase our search exposure  significantly. 
  • Ensure that the essential cross-functional teams, such as the content marketing,  creative, and product marketing teams, embrace SEO best practices.
  • Work to mentor and advise other SEO team members and to provide them strategic insights and feedback.
  • Monitor Organic Search performance and top competitor sites.
  • Collaborate on quarterly progress reviews and predictions, give actionable  insights to top executives and stakeholders, and produce recurrent SEO  performance reports with marketing analysts. 
  • Elevate best practices, show leadership to the larger SEO team, and be thought provoking. 

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience working professionally in SEO with a demonstrated track  record of creating and implementing SEO strategies that significantly enhance  Organic Search results for online companies. 
  • Extensive familiarity with search engine best practices, algorithms, and ranking  techniques, as well as passion to stay abreast of news and trends in SEO and  online marketing. 
  • Deep knowledge of technical SEO best practices and optimizations.
  • Experience carrying out effective, large-scale SEO campaigns, including  acquiring external links, designing websites, and performing global localization.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with content, design, communications and  product teams to drive SEO programs forward in a highly-effective manner.
  • Knowledge of essential platforms for SEO analytics and research, as well as  knowledge with a variety of third-party SEO analytics solutions. 
  • Working knowledge of many SEO suites and tools.
  • Leadership qualities is a must.

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